Mid-Penn Youth Lacrosse Coaches Code of Conduct


The goal of the Mid Penn Youth Lacrosse Association ("MPYLA") is to maximize the opportunity for each registered player to enjoy the game of lacrosse, learn and display sportsmanship, and develop individual and team skills. In pursuit of that goal, the principles set forth below reflect our Code of Conduct and shall apply to board members, coaches, volunteers, trainers, and any other participants in MPYLA activities.

• All coaches in MPYLA shall abide by this Code of Conduct.

• Failure to abide by the Code of Conduct may result in, among other sanctions, suspension, or expulsion from participation in or attendance at any MPYLA activities.

• All coaches are prohibited from using profanity when participating in or attending any MPYLA activities.

• Referee abuse or intimidation, verbal or physical, will not be tolerated.

• No coach shall engage in the use of abusive language, physical contact with the intent to harm or injure, physical abuse, harassment, or intimidation of any kind against any other participant, including players, referees, coaches, assistant coaches, and any other spectator or team supporter.'

• Head coaches shall be responsible for the behavior of their assistant coaches, players, trainers, parents, guardians, and team supporters.

• 14U Head coaches are responsible for ensuring their team complies with the MPYLA 14U Age Out Policy. Coaches must notify opposing coaches and game officials before the start of the game if they have any aged-out 14U players on their roster who will be playing in the game.

• All coaches, assistant coaches, and other official representatives of MPYLA must maintain reasonable composure at all times and demonstrate and teach good sportsmanship at all times.

• All coaches, assistant coaches, and other official representatives of MPYLA shall abide by and implement practices and policies as approved and communicated by the MPYLA Board of Directors ("Board").

• If any player, coach, parent, guardian, or other participant in an MPYLA activity perceives that this Code of Conduct has been violated, they have the right to, and should, report the perceived violation to any member or representative of the MPYLA Board for investigation.

• The MPYLA Code of Conduct is not limited to the principles enumerated above; any conduct that undermines the goal and purpose of MPYLA may be deemed a violation of this Code of Conduct.

Ejection from Games If a head coach is ejected from any MPYLA game, they must be replaced within five minutes by a USA Lacrosse Bronze (Level 1) coach or higher for the game to proceed. If any coach, head or assistant, is ejected the MPYLA must be notified within 24 hours. Failure to notify the MPYLA may result in forfeiture of the game or games that were played. Violations

Violations of the Code of Conduct and consequences thereof will be determined by the MPYLA Board for any violation of this Code. Decisions can be appealed to the Grievance Committee which shall be made up of the MPYLA President, the MPYLA Coaching Chair, an MPYLA President or a representative from an MPYLA member program not involved in the alleged violation, and two head coaches from the Division who were not involved in the alleged violation.

Violations of the Code of Conduct will carry, at a minimum, the following consequences:

1. Verbal Warning.

2. Suspension from games.

3. Suspension for Remainder of Season.

4. Banning from future MPYLA coaching.

Any use of racial or ethnic slurs, or any racial or ethnic insensitivity will not be tolerated and be reported to the Grievance Committee for immediate review. Any disciplinary action can be enjoined by any member of the Board pending a review by the Grievance Committee. Any violation of the Code (and request for disciplinary action) can be submitted in writing to the MPYLA Board. Likewise, any disciplinary action can be appealed by submitting, in writing, to the Grievance Committee, a full explanation of the disciplinary action and the reasons why the action should be modified. In either case, a written decision will be provided by the Grievance Committee to all affected parties in an expedited fashion and shall be final.

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